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2018-12-08 13:00 CET
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Eramet takes corrective actions as part of a quality process review within its Alloys division

Paris, 8 December 2018, 1:00 pm

Press release

Eramet takes corrective actions as part of a quality process review within its Alloys division

As part of an internal quality process review within its Alloys division, conducted by the newly appointed management, Eramet noted some non-conformances in the quality management system within this division.

Internal analyses carried out to date have not revealed any impact of the foregoing on the safety of the products in use. Customers involved have been informed and further analyses are being carried out in close collaboration with them.

A corrective action plan, in line with the highest international standards, has been defined and its deployment is underway.

The financial consequences of this situation cannot be accurately assessed to date. They are however expected to be material. Eramet board of directors has been informed and the company will further communicate to the market in the context of the publication of its upcoming annual results.


2019.02.20: Publication of 2018 annual results

2019.04.25: Publication of Q1 2019

2019.05.23: Combined General Shareholders' meeting


Eramet is one of the world's leading producers of:

  • Manganese and nickel, used to improve the properties of steels, and mineral sands (titanium dioxide and zircon),
  • Parts and semi-finished products in alloys and high-performance special steels used by industries such as aerospace, power generation, and tooling.

Eramet is also developing activities with strong growth potential, such as lithium extraction and recycling, called to play a key role in the energy transition and the mobility of the future.

The Group employs around 12,600 people in 20 countries.

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