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2018-12-06 14:45 CET
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Major shareholder announcement - Thoraso ApS

Pursuant to section 29 of Danish Securities Trading Act, and with reference to company announcement no. 19/2018, FirstFarms A/S hereby announces to have received information from Thoraso ApS that the company, based on the private trades between own companies, owns more than 15 percent of the shares in FirstFarms A/S.

Thoraso Invest ApS and Henrik Hougaard Invest ApS owns, with above private trades, no longer shares in FirstFarms A/S.

Henrik Hougaard's total amount of shares is thus unchanged.

Best regards
FirstFarms A/S

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About FirstFarms:
FirstFarms is a Danish stock exchange listed company, which purchases and operates agriculture in Eastern Europe. We develop the individual farms to modern and sustainable businesses that deliver milk, meat and grains of the highest quality to the dinner tables all over the world.