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2018-08-10 06:45 CEST
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fi en decided on a quarterly dividend Oyj COMPANY RELEASE August 10, 2018 at 7:45

The Board of Directors of Oyj has decided today, on the basis of the authorization by the Annual General Meeting 2018, that a dividend of EUR 0.046 per share (EUR 2,072,995.98 in total) be distributed from retained earnings. The dividend will be paid to a shareholder registered in the company's shareholders' register maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd on the record date for the dividend on 14 August 2018. The dividend will be paid on 21 August 2018.'s Annual General Meeting, held on 21 March 2018, resolved to authorize the Board of Directors to decide in its discretion on the distribution of dividend. Based on the authorization, the total amount of the dividend to be distributed shall not exceed EUR 0.138 per share (EUR 6,218,987.94 in total). Unless the Board of Directors decides otherwise for a justified reason, the authorization will be used to distribute dividend three times during the period of validity of the authorization. In this case, the Board will make a separate decision on the payment of dividend and the company will make a separate announcement of such Board decisions. The authorization is valid until the opening of the Annual General Meeting 2018.

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