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2017-12-22 11:19 CET
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MDCPartners Introduces Medical Expert Search Tool for Biopharma with New "Podium" App

Antwerp, Belgium | 22 December 2017

MDCPartners introduces Podium, an online application for Clinical Ops, Medical Affairs teams and Medical Science Liaisons. The technology is based on the organization's well-known clinical business intelligence solution ta-Scan, which effortlessly delivers in-depth and clear profiles of all relevant Key Opinion Leaders and Key External Experts. The application also categorizes these expert profiles by their medical relevance and professional credentials. The ranking is based on the experts' past and current clinical research activity and their experience levels within various disease areas.

The growing need for a user-friendly and up-to-date database of expert profiles led to the development of Podium. This mobile enterprise tool compresses hours of internet searching to a few clicks.

"Increasing scrutiny how pharma engages with therapeutic leaders has created a new demand in selection and evidence-based approaches to rank KOLs by fair market value," commented David Cocker, Chief Scientific Officer at MDCPartners. Podium is powered by ta-Scan's semantic search system: a user types in some medical filters, and Podium returns a list of potential KOL names, their rank, and therapeutic relevance. Tapping the résumé icon reveals a full profile. The patented Trial Cloud® and web mining software of ta-Scan, which is the largest semantically linked clinical database available on the web, combined with its powerful search capabilities, allows users to quickly find and analyze clinical expert data from multiple global public sources.

This new mobile application is a milestone in the product portfolio of MDCPartners. As a company which provides clinical intelligence and consultancy, MDCPartners believes it is crucial to gain greater insights into the therapeutic area expert landscape.


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About Podium
Podium features a refined and robust search engine tool which activates alternative information pathways with the flexibility to adjust query filters with ease. The number and potential combination of medical experts-related queries is unrestricted, meaning that hundreds of data classes are semantically connected and can be accessed by one query.
To find out more about Podium, please visit:
About ta-Scan
ta-Scan is an intelligence web platform for clinical development which analyzes data for trial planning, expert profiling, disease landscape, and competitive intelligence, for researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. It was launched nearly a decade ago to transform and advance the intelligence gathering and analyses that enable clinical development.
Powerful algorithms enable researchers to bypass print publications, restrictive registries, and dense databases for the insights they need to make evidence-based decisions. It offers a uniquely streamlined and simplified intelligence gathering process and improves data access and value, allowing for a more intuitive, business-oriented workflow. With ta-Scan, users can locate key opinion leader (KOL) associations, investigators with specific therapeutic experience, or institutes with the capacity to conduct complex protocols.
To find out more about ta-Scan, please visit:

About MDCPartners
Founded in 1999, MDCPartners specializes in business intelligence and strategic consultancy for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. They combine drug development expertise with the latest data sciences to provide clinical trial optimisation, medical expert identification and competitive intelligence.
MDCPartners is a leader in the field of data mining and semantic processing. With their patented data solutions, their clients transform millions of dispersed data points into meaningful intelligences.
MDCPartners is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with sales offices in the USA and Japan. It has three flagship products for global pharmaceutical data solutions, including:
  • ta-Scan: The flagship product ta-Scan is a web business intelligence platform that analyses clinical development programmes, trial and site data, and involvement of medical experts.
  • normScan: The medical device standards monitoring tool, normScan, is tailored to the client's medical device portfolio. normScan tracks all relevant device standards and regulatory documents that have been published or are in development.
  • Real-World Solutions: An evolving area of business for MDCPartners are the customised data solutions, which tap into a robust inventory of algorithms and unique visualisation tools. Users can gain optimal insights from data either as stand-alone or combined with public data.
To find out more about MDCPartners, please visit: