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2017-12-07 09:30 CET
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Efecte Plc: The initial public offering of Efecte Plc has ended and the listing at the Nasdaq First North Finland marketplace will be completed as planned

EFECTE PLC -- COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT -- 7 December 2017 at 10:30

The initial public offering of Efecte Plc has ended and the listing at the Nasdaq First North Finland marketplace will be completed as planned


The IPO (as defined below) of Efecte Plc ("Efecte" or the "Company") has ended and the Board of Directors of the Company has today decided on the execution of the IPO.

Efecte will issue a total of 1,035,000 new shares in the Company (the "New Shares") (the "Share Issue"), in addition to which certain existing shareholders in the Company are offering 1,027,623 shares in the Company for sale (the "Sale Shares") (the "Share Sale") (the New Shares and the Sale Shares together the "Offer Shares" and the Share Issue and the Share Sale together the "IPO"). The New Shares to be issued in the Share Issue correspond to 18.7 percent of the Company's shares and votes immediately after the IPO. The Sale Shares correspond to approximately 18.6 percent of the Company's shares and votes immediately after the IPO. The subscription price of the Offer Shares was EUR 5.50 per share in the Institutional Offering (as defined below) and in the Public Offering (as defined below), and EUR 4.95 per share in the Personnel Offering (as defined below). The valuation of all of the Company's outstanding shares, based on the subscription price of the Institutional and Public Offering, is approximately EUR 30.4 million immediately following the IPO.

The Offer Shares will be allocated as follows: 540,000 Offer Shares will be allocated to private individuals and entities in Finland (the "Public Offering"), 1,485,015 Offer Shares will be allocated to institutional investors in Finland and abroad if the requirements of local regulations are met (the "Institutional Offering") and 37,608 Offer Shares will be allocated to the Company's personnel (the "Personnel Offering").

The IPO was 1.7 times oversubscribed. The Public Offering was 1.2 times oversubscribed, and the Institutional Offering 1.9 times oversubscribed. The shares available for institutional investors in the Institutional Offering remaining after minimum allocations agreed with the cornerstone investors, Kari Stadigh, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Aktia Asset Management Ltd and Aurator Asset Management Ltd were 2.8 times oversubscribed. The subscription commitments given in the Public Offering are accepted in full up to 100 Offer Shares and for approximately 82.0 percent of the subscription commitments exceeding this amount. The commitments given in the Personnel Offering are accepted in full.

Efecte will receive gross proceeds of approximately EUR 5.7 million from the IPO, and the shareholders selling Sale Shares will receive gross proceeds of approximately EUR 5.7 million assuming that all Sale Shares are sold. The total number of the Company's shares amounts to 5,524,101 shares after the IPO. The total number of shareholders will increase to over 700 shareholders after the IPO.

Recording the Offer Shares issued in the Public Offering and the Personnel Offering in the book-entry accounts of investors who have made an approved subscription commitment will be commenced on or about 7 December 2017. In the Institutional Offering, the Offer Shares will be ready to be delivered against payment on or about 12 December 2017 through Euroclear Finland Ltd.

A confirmation letter regarding the approval of the commitments and allocation of the Offer Shares will be sent by post on or about 7 December 2017 to all investors who have participated in the Public Offering and the Personnel Offering. Any excess payments made in connection with the subscription commitments will be refunded to the investors' bank accounts on or about 7 December 2017. If an investor's bank account is in a different bank than the subscription place, the refund will be paid to a Finnish bank account in accordance with the payment schedule of the financial institutions, approximately no later than two (2) banking days thereafter.

Trading of the Company's shares is expected to commence at the First North Finland marketplace on or about 8 December 2017. The share trading code of the shares is "EFECTE" and the ISIN code FI4000282868.

Evli Bank Plc acts as the lead manager in the IPO. The Company's legal adviser is Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd.

Sakari Suhonen, the CEO of Efecte Plc comments:

I'm extremely pleased on the reception our initial public offering received from institutional investors, as well as from private investors and employees. The initial public offering has been an extremely interesting journey as we are one the first SaaS companies to go public and as all investors were not previously familiar to our business model. The initial public offering gives us the possibility to accelerate and execute on our international growth strategy and through that create value to our shareholders. I would like to thank all of the new shareholders for participating in the initial public offering and welcome you to be part of our story.

Further enquiries:

Sakari Suhonen
Efecte Plc
+358 50 384 3576

Hannu Nyman
Efecte Plc
+358 50 306 9913

Certified Adviser:
Evli Bank Plc, tel +358 9 4766 9926

Efecte Plc

Efecte is a Finnish software company that provides cloud-based service and identity management software solutions, as well as related consultancy services. They simplify and improve the efficiency of managing the services, IT systems and infrastructure in an organization. Measured by number of customers, Efecte is one of the leading software vendors in its field to large, medium-sized and public organizations in Finland and the Nordic countries. The Company was founded in 1998. In addition to Finland, it has operations in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Efecte employs around 90 professionals and had a turnover of 8.3 million euros in 2016.


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