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2017-12-07 08:00 CET
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Kotipizza Group Oyj: Kotipizza chain's same-store sales increased by 10.7 percent in November

Kotipizza Group Oyj
Stock Exchange Release 7 December 2017 at 9am (EET)
Kotipizza chain's same-store sales increased by 10.7 percent in November

Total sales of restaurants in the Kotipizza chain, part of Kotipizza Group Oyj, grew by 15.0 percent in November compared to previous year. Same-store sales, based on sales figures from 235 restaurants, rose by 10.7 percent.

This year, the sales in November amounted to 8.92 million euros compared with 7.76 million euros last year. November 2017 boasted the fifth-best sales in Kotipizza's history. The record for monthly sales, 9.93 million euros, dates from July 2017.

November 2017 included, the Kotipizza chain's monthly sales have exceeded 8 million euros in nine consecutive months. November 2017 included, the chain's sales have risen for 32 consecutive months.

The chain's brick-and-mortar restaurants increased their sales by 15.9 percent and shop-in-shop locations by 9.5 percent. Online store sales grew by 27.1 percent to 782 000 euros. Figures for online sales are mainly based on the sales reported by 72 restaurants offering home delivery and count towards the sales of brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Since the beginning of the current financial year (1 February to 30 November), cumulative chain sales have increased by 18.1 percent compared to last year, amounting to 87.2 million euros.

The Kotipizza chain's monthly sales in Finland

November 2017 2016 Change (%)
Monthly sales (euro thousands) 8 924 7 762 15.0
Brick-and-mortar restaurants  7 690 6 635 15.9
Shop-in-shop restaurants 1 234 1 127 9.5

Online store sales (euro thousands, included in the sales of brick-and-mortar restaurants)




Number of Kotipizza restaurants


Brick-and-mortar 163 152  
Shop-in-shop 97 104  

Restaurants offering home delivery



Kotipizza Group Oyj

Tommi Tervanen, CEO

For more information:
Tommi Tervanen, CEO
tel. +358 207 716 743

Timo Pirskanen, CFO and Deputy to the CEO
tel. +358 207 716 747

Kotipizza Group in brief
Kotipizza is a Finnish pizza chain founded in 1987. At the end of financial year 2016, the number of restaurants stood at 257. In the financial year 2016, the total sales of Kotipizza restaurants amounted to EUR 89.9 million. The Kotipizza chain is part of the Kotipizza Group, alongside the supply and logistics company Helsinki Foodstock Oy and Chalupa Oy that operates the Mexican-style restaurant chain Chalupa, launched in 2015.
In the financial year 2016, Helsinki Foodstock had net sales of EUR 53.2 million and the total sales of Chalupa restaurants were EUR 1,04 million. In the same period, the Kotipizza Group had net sales of EUR 66.6 million with a comparable EBITDA of EUR 6.73 million.