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2017-05-19 17:27 CEST
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Hartmann unaffected by fire on 10 May 2017

Hartmann's production, deliveries and financial guidance are unaffected by the fire damage to the group's factory in Denmark on 10 May 2017, see company announcement 5/2017 distributed on that date.

Due to efficient fire extinguishing efforts, the majority of the factory's production was swiftly resumed, and the affected production capacity is expected to resume operations shortly. Hartmann's shipments to customers are thus not affected by the incident, which has not entailed personal injury.

"Following assessments of the Danish factory after the fire, we have ascertained that the swift and professional fire extinguishing efforts by Southern Jutland Fire & Rescue's departments in Tønder, Højer, Bredebro and Haderslev as well as our own firefighters have significantly limited the damage sustained. We are grateful that no one was injured at the fire, which did not affect our ability to deliver to our customers or Hartmann's financial performance," says CEO Ulrik Kolding Hartvig.

Hartmann maintains guidance for 2017 of revenue in the DKK 2.2-2.3 billion range and a profit margin of 11-12.5%.

For further information, please contact:
Ulrik Kolding Hartvig
Tel.: (+45) 31 21 68 72