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2017-04-21 11:15 CEST
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Transaction in Own Shares



21 April 2017

ICG Enterprise Trust plc ("the Company") announces that on 20 April 2017 it bought back 500,000 of its own shares, to be held in treasury, at an average price of 700.0p. The highest and lowest price paid was 700.0p. Further details are set out below:

Number of shares held in treasury following this purchase: 3,308,508
Total shares in issue excluding treasury shares following this purchase: 69,604,492

For further information, please contact Nikki Edgar on 0203 201 7700.


The Company has bought back these shares under the authority granted by shareholders at its Annual General Meeting in June 2016, which permits the Company to repurchase a maximum of 14.99% of its ordinary shares. The actual number of shares repurchased by the Company will depend on market conditions. This authority lasts until the next shareholder authority granted (expected to be at the Annual General Meeting in 2017), or until expressly revoked by shareholders.

No maximum consideration payable has been determined by the Company, but the Company is unable to pay a price for any shares pursuant to the buyback which would equate to a premium to the net asset value. It is the Company's current intention to hold any shares bought back in treasury.

The Company has instructed Numis Securities Limited as its broker in respect of its buyback transactions. This arrangement is in accordance with Chapter 12 of the UKLA Listing Rules and the Company's general authority to repurchase shares.