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Elis figures among the European leaders in services of rental and maintenance of linen, work clothes and hygiene and wellness equipment. The services are provided to 240,000 clients operating in the hotel and restaurant trade, the health sector (public hospitals, private clinics and retirement homes), industry, commerce (hypermarkets and supermarkets and retail stores) and services (cleaning companies, the professions, public authorities, etc.). Net sales break down by activity as follows:

  • rental and maintenance of table and household linen (40%): restaurant linen (tablecloths, napkins, dishcloths, glass wipers and aprons) and bed linen (sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillowslips, bathroom linen and terry towels);
  • rental and maintenance of work clothes (32%): standard items (trousers, shirts, uniforms and jackets), personal protective equipment (firemen's uniforms, clothing offering protection against hazardous products or extreme temperatures, etc.) and clothing for controlled atmosphere environments (white rooms) that are mainly used by the pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries;
  • rental, installation and maintenance of hygiene and wellbeing equipment (26.8%): distributors of disinfecting toilet tissue, feminine hygiene products, soaps, paper towels, air purifier products, etc. Moreover, the group rents and maintains water fountains, espresso coffee machines and floor mats as well as offering rodent and insect control services;
  • other (1.2%): production of high-quality damask table linen and sanitary equipment.

At the end of July 2014, the group had 269 production and distribution centers in Europe and Brazil.France accounts for 78.3% of net sales.