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Orange is the French leader of telecommunications company. Net sales (including intragroup) break down by activity as follows:

- telecommunication services for individuals (81%): mobile telephone services (178.5 million clients at the end of 2013; Orange name in France, the United Kingdom and Caribbean, FTP Espana in Spain and PTK Centertel in Poland), fixed telephone services and Internet access (15.5 million of ADSL Clients). The group also offers services for telecommunication operators. Net sales break down by country between France (57.3%), Spain (11.6%), Poland (8.8%) and other (22.3%);
- telecommunication services to businesses (15.5%): fixed telephone services (41.9% of sales), network services (25.9%), integration and information management for communication applications (25.8%), and other (6.4%);

- telecommunication services to international telecommunication operators (3.9%).