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HF Company specializes in the design and marketing of equipment for the reception and transmission of high frequency signals intended for the audiovisual (Metronic brand), multimedia and mobile telephone markets (Omenex and Kaorka) and home automation (Avidsen and Extel). Net sales break down by products family as follows:

- TV reception equipment (33.2%): TNT adapters, satellite receivers, etc.;

- home automation equipments (32.3%): portal automation, video connectors, alarms, buzzers, etc.;

- equipment for broadband network signals processing (19.6%): routers, modems, etc.;

- digital peripherals (14.9%): cables, connectors, interface boxes, wireless interconnection boxes for TV-sets, HIFI and computer equipment, mobile accessories, etc.

Products are manufactured by subcontractors.Products are marketed through retailing, professional channels (especially antenna dealers and wholesalers in electrical goods and electronic components) and through the Internet.Net sales break down geographically as follows: France (59.4%), Europe (26.6%), America (8.9%), Asia and Oceania (3.2%) and other (1.9%).