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Bolloré is a holding company organized around 4 areas of activity:

- logistical services and transportation (53.7% of net sales): air and ground transportation services, port handling services (primarily in Africa), product storage (cocoa, coffee, cotton), operation of railroads, etc.;

- distribution, storage and trade of oil products (35.8%; No. 2 in France);

- production of plastic films and batteries, terminals and specialized systems (2.1%): films for condensers (No. 1 worldwide), heat-shrink films for packages (No. 3 worldwide), electric batteries, ticketing and boarding control terminals (No. 1 worldwide), pedestrian and vehicle access control equipment, etc.;

- other (8.4%): primarily operation of a TV channel, free press publishing, operation of plantations in Asia and Africa (oil palms, hevea, coffee, and rubber), and activities related to holdings.

Net sales break down geographically as follows: France (47.5%), Europe (17.3%), Africa (22.4%), Asia/Pacific (6.7%) and Americas (6.1%).