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PCI Biotech Holding ASA

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About PCI Biotech
PCI Biotech is a Norwegian biopharmaceutical company developing a novel light directed treatment system based on its patented photochemical internalisation (PCI) technology. Originating from world leading research at the Norwegian Radium Hospital, the PCI method involves first injecting the photosensitiser Amphinex® and thereafter the therapeutic drug to be specifically delivered to the diseased cells. When the diseased cells are illuminated the cells' endosomes are ruptured to allow successful intracellular delivery of the drug.

PCI can enhance the delivery of all molecules taken into the cell by endocytosis. This includes most types of macromolecules, drugs carried by antibodies or nanoparticles, as well as some small molecule drugs.

The PCI technology is also a versatile and innovative vaccination platform, which may specifically increase the cytotoxic T-cell response of vaccines. This is particularly important in therapeutic vaccination, when the immune system needs to recognise and destroy diseased cells (e.g. virus infected cells and cancer).

PCI Biotech follows a strategy to create value by improving the effect both of existing cancer drugs and by realizing the large potential in new therapeutics, including therapeutic vaccines.

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