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Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited (“BGHL”) is a closed-ended investment company registered and incorporated in Guernsey on 3 October 2006. BGHL' shares are listed and traded on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext. BGHL's shares are also admitted to the official list of the UK Listing Authority and to trading on the London Stock Exchange plc's main market for listed securities.

Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management, LLP (« BGIM ») acts as the Investment Manager and is responsible of the day-to-day management of assets of BGHL.

BGHL seeks to achieve long-term appreciation of its assets through multi alternative investment strategies by investing in BG Fund, a sub-fund of BG Umbrella Fund Plc, also managed by BGIM. BG Umbrella Fund Plc is a feeder fund to BG Master Fund Plc. BG Master Fund Plc is an opportunistic Europe-focused multi-strategy fund which aims primarily at arbitraging instruments with non-linear pay-offs in special situations. Over time, BGHL may undertake direct investments other than BG Fund that are identified by the Investment Manager.