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Crossject is using its world-leading needle-free injection system, ZENEO™ to develop an attractive pipeline of high value SUPERGENERICS or New Therapeutics Entities. These products, which are based on well-known injectable drugs (chemicals & biologics), are designed to enhance patient safety, compliance and comfort. Crossject’s first ZENEO® SUPERGENERIC product is expected to reach the market in 2015.

Crossject’s needle-free, pre-filled, single-use & fixed dose ZENEO ™ injection systems are unique in that they can be tailored to deliver drugs intra-dermally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly. This means that ZENEO™ can allow a wide range of drugs and vaccines for a broad range on indications to be developed and approved in a very short period of time. Outside its own portfolio of SUPERGENERICS    , Crossject anticipates partnering ZENEO with other pharma/biotech looking to improve the life cycle management of their key drugs or biologics.

Crossject has been able to develop its world leading ZENEO® injection system through collaborations with a range of leading research companies including SNPE and Hirtenberger, both of which are experts in propulsion.