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DigitalTown, Inc. offers DigitalTown, a platform for hosted Smart City Management. DigitalTown is an integrated search, community and commerce platform for both Web and mobile devices. DigitalTown powers connected online communities that enable members of a community to find information, and acquire the goods and services they need locally where possible. Residents and visitors can use a DigitalTown powered search engine to access content, community and commerce from a search tool. If there are local vendors that can fulfill a product or service that relates to a search term, then these options are presented to the user. It provides community tools to keep community members connected. The DigitalTown platform provides merchants with turnkey solutions for online commerce. The DigitalTown platform creates online and mobile communities. The Company also provides local booking for local services across its network of DigitalTowns. It also offers dining and lodging services.