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Essilor International

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Essilor International is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of corrective lenses and ophthalmic optical instruments. Net sales break down by product family as follows:

  • corrective lenses (87.6%): progressive lenses (Varilux brand), anti-reflection, scratch-resistant and anti-static lenses (Crizal), polycarbonate lenses (Airwear), and high-index lenses (Stylis and Linéis). Moreover, the group offers ophthalmic optical instruments and products (lens cutting systems, and vision exam devices). Net sales break down by country between Europe (33.3%), North America (41%), and other (25.7%);
  • prescription lens laboratory equipment (8.9%): surfacing and antireflective machines;
  • preassembled glasses (3.5%).

At the end of 2014, Essilor International had 33 production sites and 490 prescription lens laboratories worldwide.