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2019-03-26 09:54 CET
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Sidetrade announces a new member to their executive committee, with the appointment of their first Chief Customer Officer

With a very wide-scale Artificial Intelligence platform (240,000 users in 80 countries, collaborating in 9 languages) Sidetrade cannot afford to take customer satisfaction for granted. To make the customer experience a central factor in every business decision, to anticipate the customer's every need and serve them better, Sidetrade has decided to create a new senior management position, that of Chief Customer Officer and to entrust this strategic job to Stéphane Bédère.

"Building a relationship with a customer starts with a discussion on how to create mutual value. As Sidetrade starts a new chapter of their history with the amazing takeoff of their AI Sales & Marketing platform (46% growth in 2018) now is the time for us to build on the terrific success of their innovations by creating new uses of AI, driving performance and zeroing in on ROI. Our customer interactions must focus even more on true partnerships", explains Stéphane Bédère.

A graduate of the Saint-Cyr special military School and of the London School of Economics, Stéphane Bédère has recognized expertise in guiding business teams (PwC, CGI). His background with cloud-based software editors (Anaplan, Jive) has brought him invaluable knowledge of international projects. Stéphane Bédère comes to Sidetrade with 18 years' experience as a catalyzer of co-construction between the company and its customers and partners. He will contribute to the accelerated development of Sidetrade's AI platforms throughout the ecosystem.

In a world where not only technology but also users' expectations are changing at a breathtaking pace, the Chief Customer Officer and his teams will be building bridges between different Sidetrade teams to make customer satisfaction the center of attention. Sidetrade aims to continuously enhance their capacity to support customers with their digital transformation, and to build the trust and know-how essential to adopting Artificial Intelligence.

"Simply adding on a new software feature is not enough to satisfy customers. The new feature will not make sense to the customer unless it meets a real need they have. Sidetrade knows this. We put ourselves in the customer's shoes and come up with pragmatic solutions." says Stéphane Bédère.

"To act as real partners, we share a roadmap and action plans with our customers to identify milestones, measure progress, and manage change. Measurably boosting our customers' performance is the best way to be the ambassadors of technological innovation and to enrich our mutual ecosystem".

Stéphane Bédère's task is to contribute to Sidetrade's ambitious mission to become the leading B2B customer journey AI platform at the heart of the customers' ecosystem.