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2019-01-03 12:00 CET
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AEDAS Homes S.A.U. (AEDAS.MC) : AEDAS Homes has secured planning permission for 98% of its 2020 deliveries

January 2019 AEDAS Homes, a leading developer in Spain's new real estate cycle, has further consolidated visibility on its Business Plan in recent months and improved on its expected targets. The company has now secured 98% of the construction permits needed for the 1,986 homes in its 2020 delivery target, a figure that reinforces visibility on the business for the coming years. To further guarantee this delivery objective, the homebuilder has made plans to deliver an additional number of homes in 2020, totaling up to 2,219 units. The company will reach its run rate phase in 2022 when it will start delivering 3,000 homes annually.


From July to October 2018, the homebuilder accelerated its ramp-up phase by putting 992 new homes on the market, with a GDV of €317 million. Since it began operating in 2017, AEDAS Homes has launched a total of 3,982 units, with a GDV equivalent to €1.46 billion.


According to CEO David Martínez, "these achievements enable us to provide our shareholders and investors with an excellent level of visibility in the coming months, while at the same time demonstrating the company's operating capacity during a real estate cycle that still has a good deal of room for growth."

About AEDAS Homes

The developer AEDAS Homes became a listed company on October 20, 2017, in Madrid, with a market capitalization of over €1.5 billion. AEDAS is an industry leader at the national level and plays an important role in the new cycle of the Spanish real estate sector, which must be marked by professionalism and an adherence to rigorous standards.

AEDAS Homes has the highest-quality land bank in Spain, according to analysts, since most of this land is classified as ready-to-build. The company has a portfolio with more than 1.5 million square meters to build over 14,500 homes in the nation's key markets and their surrounding areas (both in terms of real estate and finance): the Center, Catalonia, the East and Balearic Islands, Andalusia and Costa del Sol.