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2018-11-12 20:13 CET
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Endeavour Mining First Sustainability Report       

Dear Stakeholders,

We are pleased to share with you Endeavour's first sustainability report which has been independently assured and follows the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, available by clicking here.

While this is our first report, sustainability itself is nothing new to us. It is something we work towards every single day. As our business has evolved and we have reshaped our portfolio, we have also strengthened the sustainability corporate function as we recognise that all of us - from the leadership down - must take responsibility for what happens in our name. As our business has grown, so has our impact in the countries where we operate. We are now among the largest mining companies in Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso, and we recognise the increased responsibility this brings.

We understand that building and maintaining trust in our operations is fundamental to achieving a sustainable business. Every day, we make decisions that have direct impacts on our environment and our stakeholders, including our employees, the members of the communities where we operate, and our host governments. These decisions must never be driven by financial considerations alone. As such, this report codifies for the first time how we measure the impact we have on the world around us, and the programs we have in place to mitigate any adverse effects that may arise as a result of our activities.

We have based our sustainability approach on four main pillars:

  • Health and Safety: ensuring the safety of our employees is our number one priority, as no tasks are so important that they cannot be performed safely.
  • Employees: developing our people and culture is a competitive strength which is critical to our current and future success.
  • Community: maintaining positive interaction with all local communities and all stakeholders, including governments, is based on mutual respect and the creation of lasting partnerships and prosperity.
  • Environment: managing our responsibilities in all operations to ensure the environment is protected today and preserved for future generations. 

Beyond traditional initiatives, we aim to go further to leave a sustainable economic footprint around our mines. To this end, we will soon be launching an economic development fund that seeks to work with local communities and governments to identify sectors and businesses in need of investment, and to provide them with funding to help them thrive. It is initiatives such as these that will allow us to become a partner of choice for our neighbouring communities and governments.

We wish you a pleasant read and we look forward to detailing our progress in our next report.

Sincere regards,
The Endeavour Team