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2018-06-05 07:30 CEST
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Italeaf: Softeco Sismat (TerniEnergia Group) leads the Virtus project for a Virtual Power Plant prototype


ITALEAF: Softeco Sismat (TerniEnergia Group) leads the Virtus project for a Virtual Power Plant prototype

  • The Group's digital company, in cluster with the Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Marine Engineering (DITEN) and with the IEES (Intelligent Electrical Energy System) laboratory of the University of Genoa, the University of Bologna and Yanmar R&D Europe Srl, obtained a loan from the Cassa per i Servizi Energetici e Ambientali (CSEA) of Euro 1.1 million
  • The development of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in an industrial tertiary context is planned, with the objective of validating the value chain in several real industrial and public administration districts

TerniEnergia, smart company listed on MTA of Borsa Italiana and part of the Italeaf Group, announces that Softeco Sismat, the digital company of the Group, leads the VIRTUS project ("VIRTUal Management of distributed energy resourceS") financed by the Ministry of Economic Development through the Cassa per i servizi energetici e ambientali (CSEA, for a total of Euro 1.1 million, of which Euro 550 thousand as part related to the activities carried out by Softeco.
The project will develop a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) prototype in an industrial tertiary context, with the aim of validating the value chain in several real districts (industrial and public administration) and demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of synergistic coordination of distributed resources, for local energy optimization and the provision of services dedicated to different actors of the electricity system, regulated and liberalized.
The VIRTUS project is supported by the scientific coordination of the University of Genoa - Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Naval Engineering (DITEN) thanks to the collaboration with the IEES (Intelligent Electrical Energy Systems, a laboratory coordinated by Prof. Stefano Massucco. The University of Bologna and Yanmar R&D Europe Srl also take part in the cluster.
The project consolidates and enhances the profitable and continuous collaboration between Softeco Sismat and UNIGE-DITEN-IEES in the study of methodologies and development of cutting-edge solutions for smart grids, after the experience of the SmartGen project (Study, development and validation of innovative methods and tools for the management of active distribution networks with generation from renewable sources, and the current PODCAST project (Platform for Optimization of Distribution through the use of data from Electronic Counters and Distribute Storage systems,
With the coordination of the SmartGen, PODCAST and VIRTUS initiatives, Softeco Sismat completes a bouquet of R&D projects in the field of Ricerca di Sistema (, confirming its role as a reference for high added value research activities on the smart grid and digital energy issues.

TERNIENERGIA (TER. MI), established in September 2005 and part of the Italeaf Group, is the first Italian global technological enabler, committed to bringing energy solutions and efficient recovery of integrated and sustainable resources to the world. Organized into two strategic business lines (Assets and Smart solutions and services), with about 400 employees and a geographical presence worldwide, with operative and commercial offices, TerniEnergia develops innovative solutions, products and services based on digital and industrial technologies for the energy supply chain, grids, smart mobility, industrial automation and the recovery of marginal resources.
TerniEnergia, also through its subsidiaries (Softeco Sismat, Selesoft Consulting, Greenled Industry, GreenAsm, GreenAsm, Purify, Wisave, Ant Energy), pursues the objectives of increasing energy production from renewable sources, saving energy and reducing emissions and actively participates in the energy revolution of distributed power generation and smart grids, with innovative digital solutions.
TerniEnergia is the ideal partner for large utilities, distribution operators and network operators, energy producers, public administrations, industrial customers and investors who intend to realize large projects for the production of renewable energy, modern systems and plants with high energy efficiency, solutions for the management and maintenance of infrastructure and electrical installations.
TerniEnergia has completed its transformation from a leader in the international photovoltaic market  into a smart energy company and technological enabler for the sustainable use of resources through a complete commercial offer of solutions, the development and supply of digital technologies and the creation of "intelligent" services and solutions aimed at public and private customers in emerging sectors.
TerniEnergia is listed on the MTA of Borsa Italiana.

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Italeaf SpA, established in December 2010, is a holding company and a business accelerator for companies and startups in the areas of innovation and cleantech. Italeaf operates as a company builder, promoting the creation and development of industrial startups in the fields of cleantech, smart energy and technological innovation. Italeaf has headquarters and plants in Italy at Nera Montoro (Narni), Terni, Milano and Lecce; has international offices in London and Hong Kong. 
The company controls TerniEnergia, listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and active in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management, and Skyrobotic, in the business development and manufacture of civil and commercial drones in mini and micro classes for the professional market, Numanova, operating in the field of innovative metallurgy and additive manufacturing, and Italeaf RE, a real estate company. Italeaf holds a minority stake in Vitruviano LAB, a research center active in the R&D sector for special materials, green chemistry, digital transformation and cleantech.

Jun 5, 2018