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2018-05-16 19:00 CEST
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Campine: Campine expands recycling activities


Campine, the largest battery recycler in the Benelux will expand its material recycling activities throughout all Business Units.

"We are rolling out a new plan, in which the company foresees to invest considerably in additional material recovery and recycling activities" says CEO De Vos. "Campine answers herewith to the overall social and political trend to grow the circular economy. "Our vision is to build a safer, zero waste society and Campine wants to contribute to this, by creating new material solutions from post-consumer and industrial waste".

Today, Campine recycles Lead metal from classical car batteries and other lead scrap and produces a flame retardant (Antimony Trioxide) from virgin Antimony metal. Tomorrow, Campine will focus its activities in 2 fields: a field of Metals Recycling, in which, beside Lead, also metals such as Tin, Antimony and others will be 'up-cycled' and a field of Speciality Chemicals mainly composed of diverse Flame Retardant solutions for plastic products. Both divisions aim to create as much as possible new materials from industrial and post-consumer waste.

Campine intends to invest a total of 20 to 25 million Euro in the next 4 years, depending on market evolutions. The largest single investment project will be to recycle the plastic housing of batteries. "With the 'up-cycling' of the Polypropylene plastic from battery cases and others, we will increase material recycling above 95% for this complex product and most importantly, we will become active on the Plastics recycling market. With China closing its borders for plastic waste, we see growing opportunities to recycle even more plastics in Europe. This will also strengthen our flame retardant Masterbatch department, which uses different types of polymers." De Vos concludes.

All investments and expansions will be done in Beerse, near Turnhout, where today Campine employs 180 people.

For further information you can contact Karin Leysen
(tel. no +32 14 60 15 49)

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May 16, 2018