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2018-04-26 18:33 CEST
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Board Changes

26 April 2018

Etaireia Investments PLC
("Etaireia" or the "Company")

Board Changes

Etaireia is pleased to announce the appointment Myles Andrew Cunliffe as Executive Chairman of the Company. Myles, aged 38, commenced work in 1998 with a finance broker in the North West, JD Finance Limited. Over an eight year period Myles was involved in various finance brokers before founding Get Me Finance Limited in 2010. Get Me Finance has become one of the leading online brands in the car finance industry and is now authorised by the FCA to enter into credit agreements as a lender. Myles also has the individual FCA permissions of CF1, CF1(AR), CF10 and CF11. This success led to Myles being appointed as a Director of Goldmann and Sons PLC where his skill set has been utilised not just in the car finance sector but now recently within the property and development sector, overviewing different projects and offering his expertise and knowledge to help raise funds for clients.

Greg Collier Non-executive Director, commented 'Myles appointment to the board is welcomed and his experience within the finance world, recently focused in property and development sector will be of invaluable help to the Company. In addition, we are confident that his network of contacts will open up new opportunities for Etaireia'.

In addition to the directorship of the Company Myles Cunliffe holds or has held the following directorships or has been a partner in the following partnerships within the five years prior to the date of this announcement:

Current Directorships                                      Past Directorships

GetMeFinance Limited                                      H.O.H Assets Limited
Mylo Capital Limited                                       Welcome 2 Car Finance Limited
Goldmann and Sons PLC                               Lifestyle 4U Finance Limited
                                                                       Goldmann & Sons (Portugal) Limited

Myles Andrew Cunliffe was a Director of JD Finance Limited a company that entered into a voluntary creditors liquidation. The company was liquidated on the 10th July 2007.

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the announcement.


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