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2018-02-23 09:02 CET
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Roblon A/S: Roblon enhances focus on the Industrial Fiber business segment

In the autumn of 2016, the Group announced a five-year strategy plan for the two business segments,
Industrial Fiber and Engineering. In 2016/17, the Group took a number of strategic initiatives, including
the acquisition and establishment of a business in the USA in the Industrial Fiber segment, in which the
Group identified additional market opportunities in the same period. To strengthen the footprint and
expansion of Industrial Fiber, Roblon has today concluded an agreement to sell the largest part of the
Engineering segment to Erhvervsinvest and the management of Roblon Engineering, Lars Munch Antonsen
and Jesper Krarup Nielsen. According to the agreement, closing of the transaction will take place
on 14 March 2018.

The divestment will release management resources and capital to be invested in the future core business.

The largest part of Roblon Engineering comprises sale and production of rope-making equipment, twisters and winders, an area in which
the Group has over the years built a strong brand, respected in the rope-making industry. Roblon is considered a market leader in the
rope-making industry. Of Roblon Engineering's total 2016/17 revenue of DKKm 100.2, this part's revenue amounted to DKKm 85.9 and
segment assets at 31 October 2017 amounted to DKKm 76.5.

Management sees strategic advantages in maintaining the Group's ownership of the other, smaller part of Roblon Engineering, comprising
sale and production of production equipment to the fibre optic cable industry. Moreover, Roblon will focus on being the sole provider in the
world offering both production equipment and cable materials to manufacturers of fibre optic cables. This industry has grown rapidly over
the past few years and is expected to continue to do so in the years ahead. Of Roblon Engineering's total 2016/17 revenue of
DKKm 100,2, this part's revenue amounted to DKKm 14.3.

As part of the transaction, the buyer will take over all business activities related to sale and production of rope-making equipment,
twisters and winders. The buyer will also take over net assets related to the sold operations, including buildings in Sæby, Denmark,
technical plant and working capital. All 57 employees will be employed by the buyer. Moreover, the parties have concluded an
agreement on sourcing of cable machinery and administrative service agreements during a transitional period.

The new owner intends to further develop the acquired business and consolidate its market-leading position in the rope-making industry.

The selling price payable to Roblon on a debt-free basis is DKKm 64, and Roblon expects net proceeds from the sale after transaction
costs in the DKKm 10 range, which amount will be recognised in profit from discontinued operations.

Management guidance for 2017/18
On 19 December 2017, Roblon issued a company announcement on guidance for the financial year 2017/18. In it, Management forecasted
revenue of around DKKm 330 and profit before tax of around DKKm 33. As a consequence of the sale announced above, Management
forecasts revenue for the continuing operations of around DKKm 235 (2016/17, adjusted: DKKm 198.6) and a profit before tax from
continuing operations of around DKKm 25 (2016/17, adjusted: DKKm 23.4). The profit guidance for 2017/18 is impacted by overhead costs
of around DKKm 6 that were previously allocated to and included in the profit of the divested part of the business. This cost base will be
maintained for purposes of supporting the Group's growth and executing the strategy for the continuing operations.

Frederikshavn, 23 February 2018
Roblon A/S

Jørgen Kjær Jacobsen                                                                        Lars Østergaard
Chairman of the Board                                                                       Managing Director and CEO

Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
Managing Director and CEO Lars Østergaard, tel. +45 9620 3300.