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2017-02-16 11:07 CET
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Maurel & Prom / Pertamina:Final result after reopening of the tender offer

Paris, 16 February 2017

Final result after reopening of the tender offer

In the context of the reopened tender offer launched by Indonesian company PT Pertamina Internasional Eksplorasi dan Produksi ("PIEP") for the shares and bonds (bonds redeemable in cash and/or new and/or existing shares: "Ornanes 2019" and "Ornanes 2021") of Maurel & Prom (the "Offer"), 15,987,365 Maurel & Prom shares, 790,213 Ornanes 2019 and 510,530 Ornanes 2021 have been tendered.

In total, at the end of the Offer, PIEP holds (i) 141,911,939 Maurel & Prom shares representing the same number of voting rights, i.e. 72.65% of share capital and 71.39% of the voting rights in Maurel & Prom, (ii) 7,635,839 Ornanes 2019 representing 52.09% of outstanding Ornanes 2019 and (iii) 4,359,150 Ornanes 2021 representing 41.77% of outstanding Ornanes 2021.

It further reported that the coupon accrued by Ornane 2019 and by Ornane 2021, defined as the coupon calculated in proportion to the number of days elapsed between the last coupon detachment date (1 January 2017 inclusive) and the settlement/delivery date (exclusive) of Ornanes 2019 and Ornanes 2021 (scheduled as 22 February 2017), was set at €0.04 for Ornanes 2019 and €0.04 for Ornanes 2021 (i.e. an Offer price of €17.30 per Ornane 2019 (accrued coupon included) and an Offer price of €11.06 per Ornane 2021 (accrued coupon included)).

The Offer document (note d'information) of PIEP, the Offer document in response (note en réponse) of
Maurel & Prom, the document "Informations relatives aux caractéristiques notamment juridiques, financières et comptables" relating to PIEP and the document "Informations relatives aux caractéristiques notamment juridiques, financières et comptables" relating to Maurel & Prom are available on the websites of the AMF ( and of Maurel & Prom (

Important information:
The present press release has been drafted for information purposes only. It is highly recommended that investors and shareholders based in France go through the documents relating to the Offer, as well as any amendments or additions to these documents given that they contain important information regarding PIEP, Maurel & Prom and the Offer. This press release must not be published, disseminated or distributed directly or indirectly in any country where the distribution of this information is subject to legal restrictions. The dissemination, publication or distribution of this press release in some countries may be subject to legal or regulatory restrictions. Consequently, people based in the countries where this press release is disseminated, published or distributed must find out about such restrictions and comply with them. PIEP and Maurel & Prom accept no responsibility in the event of a violation of the restrictions by any person.