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2016-02-17 18:44 CET
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European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine : How will Nanomedicine revolutionize healthcare during the next 15 years?


How will Nanomedicine revolutionize healthcare during the next 15 years?

The new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of Nanomedicine is now available!

Paris, France, February 17, 2016 - European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) announces the publication of the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Nanomedicine (available here: This SRIA provides the ecosystem, including European, national and regional public authorities, a concrete framework with roadmaps and priorities for research, with a long term vision up to 2030, for the fruitful deployment of innovative Nanomedicine solutions for healthcare.
Key recommendations of the SRIA update are:

  1. Focus on unmet medical needs where only Nanomedicine can make the difference by providing currently lacking diagnostic and therapeutic options
  2. Facilitate the matching of nanotechnology features with other Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for new smart and connected products and devices,
  3. Optimize the implementation of medical innovations into the healthcare systems by balancing benefits for patients with cost constrains and industrial return on investment
  4. improve competitiveness of European healthcare economy at the global market

The SRIA contains detailed recommendations for R&D topics on selected diseases that affect a large number of patients (cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, infection diseases, osteoarticular pathologies and others). Moreover, the focus is set on translation of research results, i.e. the capacity to move their lab proof of concept towards an approved and certified product available for patients on the healthcare market.

For the first time, the best Nanomedicine experts and scientists from the ETPN and EuroNanoMed II have joined forces to design the new SRIA of Nanomedicine, with the objective to reflect the future challenges that the European Community will have to address. ETPN has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and this update of the SRIA reflects the tremendous advancements and progress done since its inception for the global benefit of patients and EU citizens.

The dissemination of the SRIA is supported by the European project ENATRANS ( as part of its mission to raise awareness about innovation in Nanomedicine.

The updated SRIA for Nanomedicine is now available and can be downloaded here:

About ETPN (

The European Technology Platform Nanomedicine was established in 2005 as a joint venture of the European Commission and CEOs of large industrial companies, SMEs and academic research institutions to investigate and advance joint activities in the area of nanotechnology in medicine. Since 2005 the ETPN published a number of strategic documents outlining the needs and roadmaps for nanomedicine research in Europe. The ETPN contributed to set up numerous European funded projects providing a first impression of the conditions for a suitable social and economic environment and the structural requirements for an efficient translation of R&D results into innovative nanomedicine. The ETPN supports its members in coordinating their joint research efforts and improving communication amongst the members as well as towards the European Commission and the European Member States.

In 2013, ETPN has published a White Paper "Contribution of Nanomedicine to Horizon 2020" setting the groundwork to manage the efficient translation of nanotechnology from a Key Enabling Technology (KET) into new and innovative medical products. Two years later the concrete implementation of the recommendations formulated in this strategic document started with the launch of the EU-Nano-Characterization Lab, of 3 pilot lines for GMP manufacturing of nanomedicine and well as with the constitution of the Translation Advisory Board in the framework of the ENATRANS Coordination and Support Action.

About EuroNanomed (
EuroNanoMed II is an ERA-NET comprising 20 partners from 17 countries/regions, that has been granted for funding through the European Commission 's 7th Framework Programme. It will run from November 2012 to October 2016.
The ERA-NET serves as a platform for funding agencies and ministries, to develop joint activities and programmes in order to coordinate high quality research across national borders.
EuroNanoMed II builds on the achievements of its predecessor, the EuroNanoMed ERA-NET, which was funded by the European Commission from 2009 to 2011. Through 3 joint calls for proposals, EuroNanoMed granted 24 transnational research projects on Nanomedicine with a total funding of €25 million from its partner organizations and an additional €21 million from the participating project partners.
The aim of EuroNanoMed II is to continue fostering the competitiveness of European nanomedicine actors through the support of transnational collaborative and multidisciplinary research and technology development projects with participants ranging from academia, clinical/public health communities, and industry (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises). Among the most important activities of EuroNanoMed II are annually launched joint transnational calls for proposals for research groups operating in the EuroNanoMed II partner countries.

General Secretary of ETPN
Dr. Alexandre Ceccaldi
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