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2016-01-05 18:00 CET
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Financière de Tubize SA: Publication concerning a transparency notification


Company whose shares are admitted to trading on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels
Allée de la Recherche 60, 1070 Brussels
Contact: Marc Van Steenvoort, general manager,, +32 476 490 844 

Press release                                           Regulated information
Brussels, 5 January 2016 - 18:00h CET

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Publication concerning a transparency notification
(article 14, first paragraph of the law of 2 May 2007 concerning the publication of significant participating interests)

Summary of the notification
Financière de Tubize has received a transparency notification dated 4 January 2016, indicating that the SPRL Financière Eric Janssen ("FEJ"), following its acquisition on 30 December 2015 of shares Financière de Tubize, now holds 23.60% of the voting rights of the company.  FEJ has thus surpassed the 20% threshold.

Content of the notification

Reason for the notification Acquisition of voting securities
Notification by A company notifying on its own
Person subject to notification SPRL Financière Eric Janssen (« FEJ »), Rue Gachard 88/14 - 1050 Brussels
Date on which the threshold is crossed 30 December 2015
Threshold crossed 20%
Denominator 44,548,598
Details of the notification # voting rights held by FEJ according to the previous notification: 8,525,014
# voting rights held by FEJ after the transaction: 10,513,814
% voting rights held by FEJ after the transaction: 23.60%
Complete control chain FEJ is not subject of any exclusive de jure control nor of any joint control as defined by the Company Code
Additional information The present transparency notification follows the acquisition by FEJ of 50,000 shares Financière de Tubize and the contribution to FEJ of 1,938,800 shares Financière de Tubize on 30 December 2015.  As a result of this contribution, FEJ has surpassed the 20% threshold.  It is recalled that FEJ, for a part of its participating interest (8,525,014 shares), acts in concert with Baron Daniel Janssen, Barnfin SA, Jonkheer Jean van Rijckevorsel and Altai Invest SA.

About Financière de Tubize
Financière de Tubize is a holding company, listed on Euronext Brussels, that holds and manages a participating interest in UCB consisting of 68,076,981 shares, or 35.00% of all shares issued by UCB, a biopharmaceutical company equally listed on Euronext Brussels.  The mission of Financière de Tubize is to create long-term value for its shareholders by supporting, as a stable reference shareholder, a sustainable growth of the UCB industrial project.